Video transcription

You find yourself with a cough and you need a way to get rid of it, there's certain little things that you can do. This is how to stop coughing. I'm Dan Carlson. I'm a nurse. There is certain things like increasing your fluids and stuff that'll provide you with a more softer, less dry throat. What you're going to want to look at is certain medicines like cough syrups and maybe sucking on a lozenge will help. Tea helps a lot or maybe honey and a spoonful, honey will help soothe the cough and the throat. What you need to realize though is a cough is a natural way to expel certain germs and phlegm from the throat so don't try to not cough all the time. Sometimes it is beneficial. If you find yourself with a persistent cough and you can't seem to get rid of it, you may want to consult a physician regarding that because it could be a more serious situation that you need to take care of immediately. That is how to stop coughing. I'm Dan Carlson.