Video transcription

I'm Dan Carlson, I'm a nurse and what we're going to go through today is how to stop a simple urinary tract infection. There's certain things that are very effective in preventing your chances of getting an UTI, a urinary tract infection. Cranberry juice is the main one. That's a very effective technique, maybe to use it about three times a day would be a good idea. What you're looking at though is preventing a urinary tract infection and if you have a serious urinary tract infection, you definitely want to consult a physician as you may need antibiotics and certain things like that to help you through the process. Cranberry juice is the most effective way to prevent a urinary tract infection. Even increasing your fluids will help as it'll help flush out your system and speed you on to a more happy, healthy urinary tract. But definitely if the pain or anything consists, consult a physician, he's got lots of things that you can take to help you through this process. I'm Dan Carlson, that's how to stop a simple urinary tract infection.