Video transcription

Hi. I'm Ann Myrick. Today I'm going to show you how to clean a range hood filter. You just clip it off. This is it. You'll see where it's greasy and dirty in here. I have in my sink I have sudsy water. It's hot water with detergent. I'm also putting a little bit of vinegar in my sink. I'm going to take just a little scrubber, a little brush scrubber and just go around and scrub the filter. If there is a lot of build up you will want to soak it. You might to keep the water hot, so you might want to soak it and then when the water gets a little cool put a little bit more hot water in it. Just let it soak really well and then lightly scrub it. You don't want to scrub it too hard, but lightly scrub it. Then just give it a good rinse. Keep, each oven is different and so there could be several filters in your oven. You might have one large one or you might have two or three small ones. So, you'll want to check how many filters you have. This is Ann Myrick and this is how to clean a range hood filter.