Video transcription

Where do fleas come from? Fleas come from; if you have a flealess home, they come from outside of your home. So, what does that mean? That means anything coming into your home could be a potential flea carrier; be that say some bedding okay that maybe missed some, some a treatment at some point, or got infested with fleas in some area. Bedding can be a carrier of fleas. It could be another animal that's brought into your house, say a new dog, or a friend's dog that comes over, or or perhaps a a cat. It could be an animal that your animal comes into contact with outside, or or at a animal shelter, or at a veterinary clinic. Fleas can also come from your own lawn. They are everywhere. I mean, when it's flea season fleas are everywhere. They're in the lawn, they're on animals, they're they're living in plant matter. They can come in on other people. Say your your uncle from out of town comes to visit for a week, and maybe he's got dogs at home, and and maybe those dogs have fleas. Well, guess what? Now you could have fleas. So really, during flea season pretty much fleas come from everywhere. Everything is the enemy, and the possibility of getting fleas could happen at any moment.