Video transcription

How to get rid of fleas naturally. There are ways to help fight fleas in a natural way. Using various kinds of extracts and oils and herbs and stuff. They can help, but they're never going o be as effective as commercial as a commercial preventative or repellent, and they're always going to have the little quorks and side effects because no two concoctions ever going to be the same because of course we're not mixing this in a laboratory, but there are various things you can do, like we've discussed in other videos, there is the lemon tea that you can make. Basically you take six ti eight lemons, cut them up, boil them in hot water, and then let that water cool and steep over night an use that in a spray bottle to spray carpeting or pets. Make sure you keep it out of their eyes and face. This is lemon, we don't want to cause any pain. There, you can take things like dried rosemary, and boiling that in water and using it much the same way as the lemon. You can take very, very small amounts of lavender, essential lavender oil or essential tea tree oil like one or two drops into a large bath of water to bathe the dog in. Or the cat. Make sure you're not keeping it out of the eyes again. Make sure whenever you are using some sort of any sort of essential oil like tea tree oil or lavender oil. that you are diluting it greatly. because these can be very, very detrimental chemicals to animals, tea tree oil in particular can be quite deadly. You never want to put it directly on an animal, you never want to let an animal ingest it, but if you dilute like one drop to a tub of water, it can be helpful as a preventative also things like placing cedar chips in the bedding area or out in the lawn, eucalyptus leaves around the house, or eucalyptus plants. These are all natural ways that can help keep fleas out and help repel fleas from your animal and from your home. And many of them can be quite effective if used correctly.