Video transcription

Hello I'm Nequan Peartree from Shoe Diva located in Wilmington, North Carolina and today we are going to talk about how to stretch tight shoes. If you are wanting to stretch tight shoes particularly in the width part of the shoe you have a lot of options. Your first option and the one that I would highly recommend is going to a cobbler where they could stretch the shoes by placing the shoes on a machine to give you that perfect stretch and also you know if your shoes are a little bit too snug. Your second option is using a shoe stretching solution where you can find these at a lot of retail stores as well as find them on line. You would just place that solution in the inside of the shoe and wear the shoes for up to thirty minutes and this will help break in the shoes a little bit. It doesn't stretch them out a whole lot but if you are just talking about they're a little bit snug that could also be an option. The third one you have is to buy shoe stretchers and you can find those at any retail location like Wal-mart or Target or at a K-mart store. You would just place the shoe stretcher inside of the shoe, put the little knobs where the shoe is tight be it on the top of your toe or on the side of your toe and turn the knob and leave them for overnight. You can leave the stretcher in the shoe for up to a week if you are dealing with shoes that are really really tight and your fourth option and this option works best with leather shoes is to take a little bit of alcohol, dab in the inside of the shoe and you can use a shoe stretcher or you can wear them for a few minutes, up to 30 minutes to stretch your shoes and those are the options on how to stretch tight shoes.