Video transcription

Hello today we are going to talk about cleaning leather seats in your vehicle's interior. It is going to be a three step process and the first process being removing any debris that is on the leather seat. The second process is in cleaning the leather seat to make sure we remove any oil build up from people sitting on the leather seats and just general use of the seats and then the third and the final process is the conditioning of the leather. So starting with the first process we are going to take just a gentle bristle paint brush and this will allow us to clean in the cracks and crevices of the seat and you are just going to gently brush all the areas where the stitching is in the leather seat to make sure that we remove all of that debris and to make sure that you get the back part of the seat and once you have done that then you are going to follow up with step two which is your cleaner and you can take a microfiber towel. We are going to spray the cleaner on to the microfiber towel, wipe the seat down, making sure that we remove any stains or any areas of buildup that we may see on the seat. A lot of things happen over the years when we are getting inside and out of the vehicle so it is important that you remove any of that kind of build up. Then once you have removed everything, all of the stains out of the vehicle, you want to follow up with step three which is conditioning the leather. You always want to use your designated product specifically for the type of leather that you are cleaning and the product we are using here is made for this type of leather so we are going to take a small dab of that and then begin to work it into the leather and you are going to gently move your microfiber mitt back and forth, working the product into the leather. This will of course help extend the life of your leather to prevent premature aging and cracking and the general wear and tear that over time can cause leather to fade and crack and that is basically the three step process of cleaning the debris from the leather, cleaning it with your leather cleaner and then following up with your final step of working in your leather conditioner.