Video transcription

Hello today we are going to talk about cleaning the upholstery inside of your vehicle. There are a few things that are important when cleaning the upholstery in your interior. The major one is to always use a product that is designated for the type of upholstery. If you have vinyl upholstery, use a vinyl cleaner. If you have leather upholstery you always want to use a leather cleaner. You never want to use the most aggressive cleaner you can find. You always start with the least aggressive cleaning measure and then work your way up depending on the severity of the stain that you are trying to remove and so you want to start with a stain remover that is designated for the type of material that you are cleaning and then the final step is always to condition. Cleaners often remove oils or important ingredients that help keep the life of the material, to extend the life of the material so you always want to come back with a conditioner that will either protect the color so that premature coloring or color fading doesn't happen or in the case of leather, cracking and general wear and tear cause from aging. Conditioners help extend the life of those materials.