Video transcription

Hi, I'm Michael Burton with located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We're here talking about Internet essentials. Now, I want to talk to you about how to change the profile picture on your Facebook. Okay, to change your profile picture on Facebook is another simple process. Let's go ahead. I already have my Facebook page open. This is my Facebook account that I already signed into. We're going to go up here to our Profile page and if we click on Profile, this will bring up our profile page. Once it's open, we want to look for our profile photos. As you can see if you scroll down here to the bottom, we got view photo of me. You can either click there or up on the upper right in the center. You got wall info and photos. You can click on photos which bring you into where your photo albums are located and as you can see here down at the bottom, we got a number of photo albums created. Over here to our right, our profile pictures that says that we have three photos located in our profile pictures. So, as you can see, it shows three photos. We want to change our profile pictures so if we click on change profile picture, it'll bring up our current picture and then right here, you can upload a new photo to be your new current picture or you can remove this picture which will automatically it says it will put a silhouette in its place but then you can also then go in and choose another photo that's in your current photo file photo album to replace it or you can upload a new photo by clicking on browse and then browsing through your computer to find a new photo like let's say if we want to upload this picture of the Eiffel Tower okay. So, we click on I certify. Choose upload picture. It might just take a second to upload it. Once the file is uploaded once the photo is uploaded right here as you can see, it says you can edit the photo. It says that your picture has been uploaded successfully. It is now the current picture. It's now our current profile picture. So, once we're done, then you just can click out of here. It's already been uploaded and been replaced. So, if you go now to your profile page, it'll show as your current profile photo.