Video transcription

Hi I'm Michael Burton with Michael Burton films dot org located in Salt Lake City, Utah. And we are here talking about internet essentials. Now I want to talk to you about how to add photos on your Facebook. Ok to add photos on Facebook is very simple. I've gone ahead and opened my Facebook account, my current Facebook account. Up here on the top you see a couple of options for home, profile, friends, and inbox. To add photos to your Facebook account you are going to click on profile, this brings you into your profile page, it has all the information on who you are. You have a lot of different photos as you can see, there's me. And then over here to the right you can see wall, info , photos, boxes, and videos. Obviously we are going to click under photos to add more photos to our Facebook page. Over here to your right you have the option to create a photo album as you can see I already have a few photo albums down here at the bottom already created. So we are going to go into my latest one which is our fishing trip photo album. This is a fishing trip that my family and I took to the Provo Canyon in Provo, Utah. Up here right above the photos there's a couple of options, edit photos, organize photos or add more photos. That's the one we are going to want. So we are going to click on add more photos, now for some reason my computer never brings this up, if you scroll to the bottom it says trouble uploading photos, it says try this simple uploader. Once we click on try this simple uploader it now gives us the option to upload photos we can browse the photos, uploading multiple at a time. Once we browse for a photo, you select a photo of your choice from your computer or internet or where ever you want the photo to come from. You are going to click, check mark here that you certify that you have the right to distribute these photos and then click on this button right here at the very bottom that says upload photos. And then you are all set. And of course you can go in and organize your photo albums by album. You can title them and also once you upload a photo it will actually give you the option to add captions and then just save those photos, that's the best the way to do it. So let me show you real quick, if we were to click on browse lets try to find a generic photo here. If we go to my documents, and then go into my pictures we have some sample images here. So lets choose the one with this boat here in water, we are going to go ahead and click open. Once we click on certify and then we choose upload photos. Now this says uploading photos, don't close this browser window until the upload is complete so we are just going to wait for a second until it's completion. Just take a second. OK as you can see it brought up our photo album and now we can scroll down to where the new image that we added and here's our new image with the boat at the very bottom so I can go ahead and write here on the left hand side. You can add a caption, so we can say boat in water. Over on the right below the picture you have a couple of options, you can either make this the album cover, you can delete the photo, or you can move it to another existing album. Once you are done you can click save changes right here at the bottom and you and you are all set.