Video transcription

Hi I'm Evan from Gregg's Cycles and I'm going to go over with you how to help fix or slightly repair a rusty bicycle chain. There isn't really any way to completely remove rust from a bicycle chain unless you were to use some type of rust remover but then in that case you would strip all of the unnecessary oils out of the links and the pins kind of in between there and then you would get stiff links and have a whole other problem on your hands. So if you do have a chain that looks pretty rusty and crusty like this one the best solution is to just go ahead and leave the chain on the bike and put a little bicycle specific chain lube on the chain, what we use specifically is just your average run of the mill lubricant that is called triflow. You can also use white lightening or T 9 or anything that a bike mechanic would recommend to you and the way you would do that is just put the nozzle of the dispenser or whatever and then just squeeze lightly and back peddle just a little bit and get kind of an even spread there on the chain, just go ahead and saturate it. Once it is kind of or you can see it is kind of on there you take your rag and again back peddling, just hold it on the chain. Also do the sides of the chain as well as the top and the bottom and then just kind of work that lubricant into the links on the chain and that will loosen up the pins and the links as well and get your chain performing better than it would be if it were just straight rusty and gross so that is how you lube and kind of repair a rusty bicycle chain.