Video transcription

Hi I'm Evan from Gregg's Greenway Cycles, and I'm going to talk to you a little bit about how to replace a spoke on a wheel. The first thing you want to do is get the wheel off the bike and strip it. If it's a rear wheel the cogs set or set that would go on the back. You can leave the skewer in, and then you're also going to want to pull the tire and the tube off. And then also the rim strip, which is the strip that protects the tube from the inside of the rim. You just go ahead and peel that guy back, should peel right off, it's no big deal. And then you'll be able to expose the top of the nipples that hold the spokes in. And next thing you're going to want to do is decide which spokes are kind of broken or bent or need replaced. You go ahead and pull those spokes out. And then if you know what size you need, then just go to your bike shop and get those spokes. And if you don't know be sure to take the spoke with you, they can measure it and tell you what you're going to need. And then you would thread the spoke through properly, following whatever the lacing pattern of the wheel is. This particular wheel is three cross, you would either go under two spokes here, under, under. And then over one, like that there. Or you would go over two spokes, over this one, over that one, and then under the third one, to the edge of the rim. And this is a three cross lacing pattern. And then once you have your spokes laced properly, you're going to make sure you get the tension on the spokes even all the way through the rim. And you'd also go through the rim and proceed to true it, and tension it, and dish it, and make sure that the wheel is back to it's regular condition. First you would replace the rim strip, lay that back across there. Then you would want to go ahead and replace the tube, the tire, and also if it's a rear wheel, replace your cassette for your free wheel. And then put it back on the bike, and head off down the road. And that is how you would replace a spoke on a wheel.