Video transcription

I'm Hazely Lopez, from Hazely Academy of Refinement and Modeling, and I'm here to talk to you about how to set up a table for a party. All right, and first things first. You have to choose a theme. You have to make sure that you know what your party's going to be about; whether it's a Christmas party, a Thanksgiving party, a Halloween party, a birthday party, anything. Just pick a theme and then start from there. You may want to, of course, think about a centerpiece. You can do something as elaborate as a fancy bouquet or something like that, or you could just do something yourself, or maybe just something regarding the theme of the of the of the event, like maybe a little pumpkin in the middle of the table with some ribbons; anything to make it look nice for your guests. Then, of course, you're going to be thinking that you're going to be putting silverware on the table and your dinnerware. You don't want to make it too crowded. You want to make sure that you have space for people to be, actually be sharing and talking. And don't feel like wow, this is too complicated for me to talk to. Maybe a formal table will not be the best one for a party. Maybe for a party you're going to be more thinking about an informal type of setting. And let's take a look at that informal setting. We have a picture right here that we can share with you, and we're going to start by looking at, of course, putting silverware on your table. You may want to think that you want to do the in, the informal standard, which is about an inch from the table; you're going to be putting that silverware, and you're going to be, of course, starting with maybe a salad fork or a standard fork. If you're not offering many things you can just stick to using the least silverware as possible. We don't want your guests to be confused with anything, so we want to make them feel like they're just, you know, in a in a party, and they can have fun. And this is really what it's all about in in having a party. All right, then we're going to continue, of course, with your knife and spoon. Also, we're going to have your center plate. If you are offering more than one course you might want to think about the fact that you're going to be just changing that plate from one course to the other, all right? Also, you might want to think about your wine glass, or if you're more about just drinks or or just other type of refreshments you may want to put that drink where the red wine glass goes. And then, of course, if you want to add a a water glass that's completely fine, but it's not really necessary. Also, you want to make sure that you have everything all set up in place, comfortable to reach. If you're using a napkin you can use it on top. So, it's really all about having fun. I'm Hazely Lopez, from Hazely Academy of Refinement and Modeling, and this is how you set up a table for a party.