Video transcription

Hello. My name is Luis Estrada and I am a software developer. In this video, I'll show you how to import favorites into Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is a registered trademark of Microsoft, and I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft. It is very common that you have two or more computers that you work on. You might have a computer at home and another at school or work. Well, here's an easy way to import your favorites bookmarks into another computer. First, let's see how to export bookmarks from Internet Explorer. Click on the Add Favorites button; select Import and Export. This launches a Wizard. Click next and choose Export Favorites. Press Next. In this window, you can choose whether to export your entire favorites folder, or just a part of it. Select the folder that you want to export; in this case I will choose the entire favorites folder. Hit next and now choose the location where the new HTML file, containing your favorites, will be stored. This time, I will place the file on my desktop and leave the name as Bookmarks. Click Save, then hit Next, and finally hit Finish. Now copy this HTM file and go to your other computer. Once you have Internet Explorer launched, hit on the Add Favorites button, select Import and Export, hit Next, choose Import Favorites, hit Next, click on the Browse button and go to the location of the new file. Click Open; hit Next. In this window, you can select the folder under which the new bookmarks will be placed. Choose one or leave the default Favorites selected. Click Next and hit Finish. Now if you click on the Favorites button, you will see the new bookmarks in place. I'm Luis Estrada and I have just shown you how to use your web browser.