Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tristan McCauley from Lucky 7 Tattoo, and I'm going to show you how to hide a nose ring. There's a few options you have. You can either just take it out and risk that it closes up. You can get something with a very small stud on it. But the...probably the best thing to do is just get a retainer, which is just a clear piece of plastic that holds the shape of the piercing while you have it out. Again, you want to make sure that this is pre-sterilized, pre-packaged before you go and try and buy it. Most shops have them pre-sterilized, ready to go. You want to get it from a reputable shop that is monitored and regulated by the local health department. The...and you want to make sure that the piercing is fully healed before you try and take it out. Taking it out beforehand can cause any...some additional trauma and lead to an infection. But the first thing you want to do is remove the initial piercing like so. Just grab it. If it's a nose bone, just pull it out. If it's a nostril screw, it takes a little bit of extra effort, but you can get it out. Take the...take the nose ring that's clear, plastic, and just insert it right into the piercing that's already there. Be careful that you don't push it from side to side. This can also cause unnecessary trauma. And that is how you hide a nose piercing.