Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tristan McCauley from Lucky 7 Tattoo, and I'm here to show you how to clean a belly piercing. The first thing you want to do is get a good antibacterial soap, or an antimicrobial soap. What this does is it just breaks up the bacteria, and helps break up the build up that's going to be around the jewelry. What you want to do is just lather up in your hand, take a q-tip, just roll it around like that. You want to push from the bottom, and clean the top of it, and you push from the top and clean the bottom of it. You want to let that soap sit for about thirty seconds, just so it can sit in and help break up that build up again. And just go back around it with a q-tip one more time. Then you want to rinse it really well with a hot...or with warm water to make sure you get all the soap off of there. And then you want to dry it really well. Leaving the water in there, leaving it wet, can lead to irritation, mildew, infection, some kind of fungus, and that's never good. Another thing you can do is use saline solution. There's a couple of them. You could use H2Ocean, it's good. Another one is Blue Wave. Either one is really good. Another thing you can use is sea salt. You just want to dilute a tablespoon of sea salt to every quarter cup of hot water. You just boil the water, mix in the salt, let it dissolve. And then you soak it....soak the area for about fifteen minutes a day. Basically what that will do is pull out any impurities, and keep it really clean. And that's how you take care of a belly ring.