Video transcription

Hi my name is Lauren and today I'm going to discuss how to use thinning scissors. Thinning scissors are very notched on one side. They are used either to texturize or remove bulk within hair. The serrated edge allows for only pieces of hair to be cut that are not of that on the in between edge. So that way not every piece of hair gets cut. If you are looking to do just a bit of texture on your ends, you're simply going to hold your hair out. Take your thinning sheers, put them right in between and then cut. And you can do this through all of your ends in order to remove some of that extra bulk in your ends and just to get a bit of piecer style. If you were looking to remover thickness in your hair. I suggest doing it more or less in the mid level; mid area of your hair. So that way you don't go too short and you don't have pieces sticking up. You would grab a section. Pull your thinning sheers out. Or your hair out, use your thinning sheers and go mid, about mid shaft and just kind of notch into them. And you can go both ways in order to make sure you're really removing that bulk. Then you simply comb out that hair. Take your top piece again and lay it down. And your hair on your sides will be a lot thinner because you've removed some of that bulk that is within the; by your scalp. And that is how to use thinning scissors.