Video transcription

Hi, I'm Laura from and I want to talk about how to write a congratulations letters. Often times when something great happens for somebody, you'll want to express your emotion and that would be when you would write a congratulations letter. The way to begin the letter is always with a greeting, such as, "Dear so and so" and a comma. You would open your congratulations letter by expressing how happy you are for whatever this thing is that's happen to the person. Your next paragraph you may wish them well and make statement, such as, "here's to more success in the future" or discuss a little bit more about your pride and your happiness about this, whatever the congratulations event was. Sum up the letter by, again, congratulating the person, conclude with a concluding statement, such as, sincerely, or your friend, a comma and then your name. That's a little bit about how to write a congratulations letter.