Video transcription

I'm Gloria Campbell with Advantage Training Systems located in St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm going to talk to you about sample interview questions. I know it sounds kind of basic, but I want to talk to you about are not the ones that you're going to get. You know you're going to get tell me something about yourself, tell me what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are. But let's talk about those questions that sometimes will give you a problem. Things like why did you leave your last job? If you left under unfavorable circumstances, you don't need to share all the details with the interviewer. You might say something like the company and I were headed in different directions. I'd love to pursue other business interests. I had an opportunity that I wanted to pursue. Whatever the reason is, make sure that you put it in a positive light. The other question that sometimes gives people a lot of problems would be, tell me about somebody that you had difficulty working with at your last company. There's never anybody that you had difficulty working with, we all have different personalities, and I'm sure that you have found a way to deal with different people within the organization. Make sure that your answer is couched in that type of a response. There are always people that you have differences of opinion, one day you're working on this project with one person, the next day the other person. What I've learned to do is how to handle stress, and to look at each individual situation and to realize that we're part of a team and we've got to get a job done. Remember that those sample question's answers are available on the internet. They're available in the library. They're available from companies that do job coaching and training. They're available from friends, especially somebody who has recently been through a job interview. Get the answers, write them down, memorize them, and become very comfortable in giving that response. This is Gloria Campbell with Advantage Training Systems, helping you answer those sample basic questions that's going to get you to the next level. Have a great interview.