Video transcription

I'm Gloria Campbell, President and CEO of Advances Training Systems in St. Petersburg, Florida. Filling out that job application determines whether you get to the next step, the job interview. So I'm going to tell you some of the things that you might want to consider doing. First of all, normally a paper application is going to be located where you're actually applying for the job. You'll have an opportunity, in most cases, to do it either online, at the facility on a computer or to actually do a paper application. I prefer an online application. Why? Because you can take a look at what the job requirements are and you can begin to tailor your particular duties and responsibilities from previous jobs to what the company is looking for. Companies use filters when they do online applications. They actually put in keywords and they actually then will print out a list of all the people who have had that experience that they're looking for. So you have an opportunity to go ahead and make your application relevant at that time. Paper applications or online require that you know the dates and times and places that you work; you know your supervisors name; starting salary and ending salary; job title and job responsibilities. Make sure you have all that information with you, write it down, you're going to need it for every application. Keep it handy and you'll get to the next step, that job interview. This is Gloria Campbell, I'm with Advances Training Systems in St. Petersburg, Florida. Have a great day and go land that interview.