Video transcription

You are moving. You got to change your number. Hi! I am Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert and I am going to show you how to change or replace the SIM card in your iPhone. Before you do that, you need to get your hands on a very technical tool in order to access the iPhone SIM card receptacle port. Alright, now it is a little tool. They use that and I am sure you can order it online. Or, you can use one of my favorite technical tools. Yes, the common paper clip. Get it pointy like this and I will show you how to use it. It is the only tool you will ever need to do any maintenance, or, the only maintenance you should ever do on the iPhone. Alright, the place you are going to find your SIM card hole or compartment is going to be right here at the very top of the iPhone. There is where you put your headphones in and there is a little itty bitty little hole. Use our highly technical tool right here and just push it right in there. Yeah. And, with a little thing, she will pop right open. Alright, and now we just slide it. And, this always feel like a very gentle operation. There we go. And, inside is the brain of the bad boy, the SIM card. Now, I am going to push on it just gentle and flip it out. Or, you can turn it over. And, here it is. Everything you need to know to transmit the information in 3G. Ok. Now, to reinsert it we are going to pretend that this is a different one. Use your imagination and now we are going to take our tray back. You are going to see, if you look very very carefully, that there is a little notch here and a little notch at the top. That is how we are going to place it in there. Now, when it is up you want to be able to see the copper interface of the chip or the card. And, all we are going to do is just gentle, never, there is no reason to force anything. Just in there nice and easy. Yep. And then, when you get down to here we are going to one little quick not over push. Bop. She is even with the top. She is good to go. Once it is locked in there, all you have to do is turn it back on and you have got a whole new SIM card. I am Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert saying stream you later!