Video transcription

Hi I'm Ann Myrick and today I'm going to show you how to clean the tile grout. What you want to do first is you do want to sweep because in cleaning the grout, the grout is in kind of an indention and so that's where a lot of the times the dirt goes. So you want to just sweep that away. And then there are many different products out there that you can get. There's commercial products for specifically cleaning grout and then there are other products that are commercial that you can use and then there's also just your household products that you can use. And today I'm going to use a fun one. I'm specifically going to use the toothpaste one which I think is really fun and different and it gives your bathroom a minty smell. So what we are going to do is we are just going to take it and what I like to do, I put a little bit of toothpaste on my paper towel and then what I like to do is I like to put it on and just kind of softly, this is an old toothbrush and the toothbrush is very soft bristled. And then I like to just leave it. Sometimes I'll just leave it maybe for forty five minutes and then come back and I'll come back with a sponge or a paper towel and wet it really well and this is just fresh clean warm water. And I'm going to go back and what you might need to do is rinse your toothbrush off and you might want to, because sometimes the little toothpaste flakes will stay in, so you can come back through with a clean brush and just do the same motion and then with paper towels you want to just really dry the area. This is Ann Myrick and that is how you clean tile grout.