Video transcription

Hi I'm Tim Gipson and I want to talk to you about some common adjustments that you can make on your garage door. You'll know when it is time to make these kind of adjustments. If the door is not closing all the way down or if it is not coming up all the way properly or if it is not operating at all there are some things that we can check to make adjustments on this. Now the first one is up here and you'll see this in a cut in shot but there is a micro switch up here and when the door hits this that is what tells the door to shut off. So if you have a problem where your door is coming up and it might be jamming or making a loud noise then this might be out of adjustment and all you have to do is either slide this up or slide it back to get it to the right position so that when the door hits it it stops before it reaches the max travel on the tracks. Now the other thing is that we want to make sure that we have the proper force of the door going down and a good way to check this is to put a board or something that gives some resistance underneath the door and then you want to put your door down and what we want to shoot for is when that door comes down is that it hits an obstruction and it immediately pops back up. Now if it doesn't immediately pop back up then we have two switches up here on your garage door opener and it has an arrow so it says clockwise is more force and counterclockwise is less force so you can either adjust, so you can adjust these so as it is hitting an obstacle what we want that garage door to do is when it strikes something we want it to immediately reverse. That is particularly important if you have children around because you don't want them to be injured by your garage door. The next thing if your door is not operating at all you want to come over and all the doors now have these electric eyes that are down on the side. This one on this one has a red light and then the one on the other side has a green eye. Now if you'll notice if I put my hand in front of the eye you'll see that the light is red flashing so if your door is not operating a good thing to check first is to check these sensors and if you see a flashing red light then you know that these are, either something is obstructing it and if nothing is obstructing it then it may just be out of align and you may just have to adjust the bracket on this side or the other one until you have a steady red light. So those are the common things that you run into and with just those simple adjustments you can keep your garage door operating safely and properly.