Video transcription

Hi there. I'm going to talk to you a little bit today about reflexology. I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae. Now, reflexology is the science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas on the hands, and on the feet that coincide to every organ and gland in the body. And as you see here, this is a map of the foot, and truly is a map of the body. Starting at the toes, you see it has the sinus, head and brain area on the tips of those toes. Working down, you see lung and breast, and liver I wrote in right here. But as you work down you see there's the gallbladder. The waistline is right in the middle of the foot, where the diaphragm is also located. Right here. And the gallbladder. And then working down, you have your colon, your illiocecal valve, your appendix, and then working down, your sciatic nerve. Now you see the side of the foot also reflects the spine. And, if you look at your foot, and you notice that everyone has a curve in their arch, that curve coincides exactly to the curve of your spine, so it's very, very interesting how the...the map of the foot really does reflect the body. And then, of course, you see on the left foot. It's a little bit different because there are organs that are one side of the body that are not on our other's, and it's reflected here on this side as well. You see, you have the throat, the neck and the thyroid. The cervical vertebrae, and then going down you have your stomach. Most of the stomach is located on the left side, you don't really see any of the stomach over here, because that's where the liver is. So, it's just going down, waistline, guideline right here. And then working these areas can generally help release any blockages of energy or anything if you're having a problem, working the feet generally helps that part of the body. I had knee surgery one time, and I was very flabbergasted, almost, when my instructor was working on my foot and my knee area, and it was so tender that I screamed. And it was right after I had surgery, so it really brought it home to me that these areas on your feet really do coincide with the real areas on your body, and it really is a beneficial form of therapy. Now this is just a very basic view. I don't really have time to get into it right now, but I do want to recommend, if you're interested in getting in depth, that you visit the International Institute of Reflexology's website, and it's located in St. Petersburg, Florida. They can really give you in-depth information, and if you're interested in taking classes, I would definitely recommend taking them through the International Institute of Reflexology. So those were just the very basic principles that reflexology are based on, and a map so that you can see how intriguing it is. And there's so much information, but I'm definitely intrigued by it, and I hope you are as well. So, I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae, and I hope you have a great day. Thanks.