Video transcription

So congratulations. You're visiting the Queen of England. Now, what to do when you have her in front of you. I'm Hazely from Hazley Academy of Refinement and Modeling, and I'm here to talk to you about how to greet the Queen of England. She is royalty, but only the persons that reside in Great Britain actually bow or curtsy, so don't feel responsible for having to bow or curtsy in front of her. You want to refer her...refer yourself to her as " Your Majesty". Of course, always have a handshake ready to greet the queen, and also make sure that you never give her your back. Always wait until she leaves a room before you actually step out. If you want to actually address a letter to her, you're going to direct it to the private secretary of Her Majesty, the Queen. And in the first line, you're going to put "Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth the Second," and the address also is Buckingham Palace, London, SW 1A 1AA England. It is really great. It's a great opportunity that you're having, so enjoy it. And remember, no gloves when greeting the queen. I am Hazely Lopez from Hazely Academy of Refinement and Modeling, and I hope you enjoy your trip to meet the queen.