Video transcription

Hi, my name's Rachel and I'm the owner of, street fashion site, and I'm also a freelance fashion journalist, and today we're going to talk about how to tie a Full Windsor Knot. Now, we're going to start with our tie, we're going to put the wide end on the right side, or left side, whichever your preference, but make it longer than your skinny side. So you're going to take the wide side and overlap it once, and then bring it over again and then stick it down this hole. And then we're going to take it, bring it to the other side, bring it through that hole one more time, and try to get it to the other side of the skinny piece. So you kind of form a "V" here where you have the shape of the tie forming. So that's basically what we're doing with this piece is making the kind of architecture for the knot so it looks nice later on. Next step we're going to do, take it, bring it around, wrap it around that knot so we're getting that pretty triangular tie shape, bring it up and then through that wrap you just made. Then from there you're going to just gently adjust the tie, straighten it out a little bit, and you can adjust it around your neck. That's how you do a Full Windsor!