Video transcription

Hi, my name's Rachel and I'm the owner of, street fashion site, and I'm also a freelance fashion reporter, and today we're going to talk about how to walk in high heels. So, first supply we're going to need, a car key, well, and high heels, naturally, but a car key. So, this is one little tip before you even stand on your feet is you're going to take the bottom of your shoe and we're going to score it. And what this does is basically gives you some more traction. A lot of high heels, especially brand new ones, can be kind of slippery on the bottom, so this just aides us a tiny bit. And what you're going to do is take your car key, you can also use a knife or something kind of sharp, and just scrape along the bottom of your shoe. And this is going to create some little ridges that are just going to help you be a little less slippery, just like little traction pieces do on the bottom of your bathtub. So, once we've scored both the bottoms we're ready to stand up. Now once you're standing in high heels you're going to need to avoid the urge to get wiggly in the legs or go weak in the ankles. What high heels need you to do is be firmly planted and have your center of gravity, but you also need to be loose in your hips. The way high heels affect your legs and your posture, you're going to have a natural rolling of your hips and that's what gets that sexy "va-va-vum" kind of back and forth hip you get when you see women walking in high heels. So resisting that natural hip role is only going to make you fall over. So you need to let go of the stiffness in your hip, keep a strong center of gravity, keep strong on your legs. The next step you're going to want to do is when you step down make sure, just as a normal step, that you're going from heel to toe, heel to toe, and avoid the urge to go toe-heel, toe-heel, because coming down on high heels on your toe can be putting your whole body weight on your toe and it can damage your feet. And the third tip I'm going to offer is to keep strong in your ankles, don't let your ankles wobble. A lot of times a high heel with a clasp around the ankle can help you keep a little bit stronger, keep from falling over quite so much. And the final tip is to take small strides. The way that high heels work, they naturally compromise the length of the stride you're able to take, so even if you have incredibly long legs you're not going to be able to take those wide, long steps. So make sure that whoever is at your side when you're walking in your high heels walks at your pace and takes tiny steps! This has been "How to Walk in High Heels".