Video transcription

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to download videos from Youtube. On my desktop, I've a program called the YouTubeDownloader. This is a freely downloadable program, that's free to use and doesn't have, you don't have to register it or anything like that. It's a great program. So what we're going to do to use this program is we're going to open up our web browser, we're going to go to Youtube. Let's just do a quick search for a video. Let's find a video we would like to download. Let's say I like this video right here and I want to download to my computer. Just open it up in your web browser and then up here in the address bar, we need to click to where it highlights all of the address, right click on that and say copy. Now let's close Youtube and open up YouTubeDownloader. Very first thing it ask you for is a Youtube video URL. Just clear out what's in there, we're going to paste in what we had. Now what we have selected is to download the video from Youtube. Press okay. It's going to ask you where you want to save it, I'm just going to save it to my desktop. This is now going to the Youtube website and downloading that video from Youtube. Now the video is downloaded, we'll just click close on this dialog and change this to convert video that way we can watch it. Now we have our video selected, all we have to do is choose what we want to convert it to. You want to view it on a Windows Computer, WMV is a good file type, just with other options like Apple Quick Time or a video can be load on an Iphone, there's lots of different options here. I'm just going to select okay. It's going to ask you what quality video you want to create, medium's fine. And it is now building my video based upon that Youtube video. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to download videos from Youtube.