Video transcription

Hello, my name is Luis Estrada, and I'm a software developer. In this video, I'll show you how to open a Paypal account to receive payments on your website. Currently, you can choose between five different payment solutions from Paypal. The first one is email payments. With this type of account, you can receive payments via the internet even if you do not have a website. These are actually money transfers. You don't even need a website. Just email your customers a payment request that they can click and pay on the secure Paypal website. The downside of this option is that you need to create a payment request for every customer. That means that you cannot process payments automatically. This is why this option is recommendable only if you do not have a website. The next option is website payment standard. With this service you receive payments by anyone, even by customers without a Paypal account. Your website could accept credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and Paypal payments. There is no monthly setup or cancellation fee. There are three ways that you could integrate this service to your website. The first one is to include a simple button next to the products or your services in your online store. This button is html code generated by the Paypal website that you have to paste into your html source code. The html code is generated based on your Paypal account and the price of the article. The first button is used to sell a single item. The second one allows your users to add the product to a shopping cart so that you can buy multiple products on the same order and the last button offers automated payments which is ideal for subscription services. For example, if you sell monthly access to an online magazine, then when your customers complete payments using the subscribe button, Paypal would take care of charging the customer the monthly fee specified until they decide to cancel their subscription. That way you do not need to worry about keeping track of customers' payment day. The next option is to use a shopping cart developed by a third party. There are a lot of web applications preintegrated with website payment standard. For a list of applications that support this feature, press on the check compatibility link. The last option is to create a custom integration for your website. In this option, Paypal provides you with a list of programming features and guidelines to easily integrate Paypal payments on your website. You currently need to hire a web developer to integrate payments to your store. This is the reason this option is the most expensive, and it can take a while to have it working correctly. When your customers website payment standard, they pay on secure Paypal pages and return to your site after payment. This is the main difference with website payments pro where users enter credit card information on your website instead of going to the Paypal website. This option requires that you hire a qualified web developer and you need to pay a monthly fee of thirty dollars to Paypal. Then the express checkout service is in addition to the standards or pro services that creates a three click checkout for your customers. With the virtual terminal services, you could accept phone, fax, mail or in person orders. Choose a solution according to your website's needs. Paypal is probably the safest and easiest online payment solution for you. I am Luis Estrada, and I've just showed you how to make money with mere websites.