Video transcription

Hi, I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax to the Max with massage therapy and today we're going to be talking about relieving pain in the gluteals. Often times when people have pain in the gluteal region, it's often mimic sciatic pain and can send pain shooting down the leg or into the lower back area and often times when that happens, a lot of times the pain is coming from sciatic nerve being pressed on by the piriformis muscle, which is deep in the gluteal area. So, what you can do to figure that out is you can measure from the side of the hip and the sacrum here and take both of your thumbs and you press in right there and often times if that is tight or soar and you press right in on there, the person will jump and you'll know you've got the right spot. You can just work in there a little bit and press in there and get some relief for that person and that can give you, often times, and if it's really bad or if it's really hard to work on, then you can put a little bit of an elbow in there and massage in there with that because some people are really tight in that area. It's caused a lot of times by people sitting for long periods of time at a computer, having to drive a lot, anything like that that puts pressure on the glutes for a long period of time can cause pain in that area. You can also just do a little bit of massaging, in general, over the area but most often, more often than not, when there's pain in the glute area it often comes from this piriformis muscle so if you'll get in there and find that and relieve that, you can often give them a lot of relief. So, that is how you relieve pain in the gluteal area.