Video transcription

Having a few difficulties with urination or other urinary problems? Hi my name is Mark Brinson, doctor of oriental medicine, physical medicine and human performance specialist. Urinary problems can be a signifier of something that is a little bit greater going on within the body so with any urinary difficulty, anything where you are passing blood, anything where you are getting pain either in the back around the kidney area or in the actual bladder area itself, you want to have that checked out by a physician almost immediately if you can especially if accompanied by fever. Even if not accompanied by fever urinary difficulties can move their way up to the kidneys especially in women very very quickly so you want to take great care with those. If you do tend to have chronic urinary tract infections you can tell when you are starting to get one very very slightly. Rather than an acupressure point there is a home remedy that can be used which is just simply boiling corn silk if you have ever seen the silk that comes off a fresh ear of corn, boiling it in water for about 15 to 20 minutes straining off the corn silk and drinking the juice because what this does is actually changes the ph of the urine and makes it slightly more acidic which isn't as good of an environment for it to grow. Something that can be done that way or as well as prophylacticaly or preventatively is drinking cranberry juice but you can't drink the cranberry juice that you find in the stores most of the time. You have to get some that does not have any sugar added. The corn silk is a much better way to go about this but remember any fever, any chronic problems with this you want to make sure that you consult your physician right away. You don't want it to lead to a kidney infection. My name is Dr. Mark Brinson, doctor of oriental medicine, wishing you balance in your life.