Video transcription

Hi this is Ann Myrick and I'm going to show you how to clean stainless steel. We have a stainless steel sink and then we also have some stainless cooking utensils. You can use home products like baking soda or a mild detergent. Today this ladle is a little bit dirty on the inside, it's a little bit rusted, so one of the powders that I like really, really gets into the rust and so I'm going to wet the ladle and then put the powder, the cleansing powder, and I'm going to just scrub with a sponge, and my sponge has a little bit of a scrubber on it. So I'm going to scrub really well, with the sponge and then ... with hot water rinse it and you will see that all the rust is gone out of the ladle. This is Ann Myrick and that is how to clean stainless steel.