Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from, and we're learning all about how to propagate bamboo. Bamboo are one of the easiest plants in the world to grow. They're basically a grass, so as long as you've got a root or a stem, or a a lot of times a root alone they will grow. So when propagating bamboo you could take the seeds and the seeds will actually grow. You can plant em' in the spring, or all you have to do is tear off or rip off part of the plant, and as long, and take scissors, or you can just tear it off like I've done, and as long as you've got a stem and a root it will grow. And it's very easy to do. You can take scissors, you can take a screwdriver and do pretty much anything that you want to take to separate it. But it becomes just a mound. A lot of times too I'll just take my clump; dig it out as clumps, and then take the shovel right down the middle of it. That's the easy way too, unless it doesn't break at all. See, and now I have two clumps, so it's easy to divide. Then basically you have all these runners with little eyes and they're going to grown into their own bamboo. And at this point I can just break em' apart. Twisting works really well too. You could use scissors, or you could use a shovel, but as you can tell, I 'm kind of a hands on kind of girl so I like to use my hands and it's easy to propagate. And then turn around and plant em' right away. That's the key when I divide my plants. You can leave em' out of the ground or leave em' in a plastic bag but keep em' moist. Don't let em' get too dried out or you'll lose em', and always turn around and plant em' as soon as you can again. And this is a running bamboo, so I'm trying to be careful that it doesn't take over any area in my garden so I'm pretty much keepin' em' contained in containers. There is clumping bamboo that I have some too, that I; there are clumping bamboos that make more of a tree, they don't take over; that I can put right into the ground that I have in my other flowerbed. But these running bamboos; I am not making the mistake of planting them right into the ground because they will eventually just take over. I make sure and put em' in a container, and they'll do well for me for years and years.