Video transcription

Hi this is Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg with Miami Dog Training in Miami, Florida. In this clip we're going to talk about how to teach a dog to walk on a leash. Got to walk before you run right? So same technique in the running. Leash in the right hand dog on the left side and by doing this we're able to keep the dog on our side. We never ever want the dog in front of us because that gives the dog the position of dominance and leadership in which case we want to keep that leadership. We want to keep that dominance and we want to be the pack leader we want the dog to respect and kind of look out for our take direction from us so if they're in front of us they are never able to do that. Ok. If they're behind us they are always able to see what our reaction to something is. If I get scared and tense up the dog's going to see it so if somebody was coming at me to hurt or if I'm happy the dog's going to see it, If I'm laid back the dog's going to see it. It's never going to happen if I'm back here. So lets walk , heel. She's in front of me I turn around Ok She in front of me I turn around thus always keeping her behind me. When I stop she sits. This is Zephyr Clarke-Dolbert with Miami Dog Training.