Video transcription

Hello welcome my name is Julio Nutt and I'm a master instructor of the Jim McClean Golf School in Miami, Florida. In this clip I am going to talk about a great drill toward your body positions. Here at the Jim McClean Golf School we teach a lot about the different positions. Jim actually has a best selling book called "The Eight Steps Swing" where he talks about the eight different steps around the golf swing. If you use a weighted club there are many different types and shapes of weighted clubs and this one doesn't have a golf club face but it has a lot of weight here. You can actually take it and practice your different positions. I highly recommend you to hold the positions for a few seconds so that your body and your muscles start adapting to the different positions. Come to a good impact position where your weight is mostly to your left side and you are going down and hold that position. You can actually close your eyes for a few seconds right here and feel where your body is. Use your muscle memory so that you can start doing those same positioning in your full speed golf swing. Then you come and release your swing and finish and make a good habit of holding your finish in a good balanced position. By practicing your swing the different position steps in your swing with a weighted club it will develop muscle memory and you will swing much better the golf club. This is Julio Nutt at the Jim McClean Golf School.