Video transcription

Hi my name is Dave Andrews today I'm going to show you how to set up a home server. If you have a home network with a router and two computers network together, you can set up a home server to store all of your files and documents. That way you only have one point that you have to back up and any changes that you make to your files will be shown on all computers that are connected. Lets begin over here by going to our server PC and I'm going to set it up as a file server. Now these are the files that I want to share out. I'm going to close this, right click on my folder, go to sharing and security. This is the dialog that pops up that asks you how you want to share your folder. I just want to click on share this folder over the network. And I want to allow network users to change my files. The share name is how it's going to appear to the other computers, what that folder name will be. So now lets go to the other computer and to connect to the PC that is sharing the documents, we are going to click down here on the start bar which is this little round button. And we're just going to pull up computer. And all I have to do is type in the IP address of the server right here in the computer bar. I have to prefix it with a slash, slash just like when you do http:// to go to a website. I have to do two backwards slanting slashes. That tells Windows that I'm going to access a network shared file. So what I have to do now is type in the IP address of my server which is one dot fifty two. And just press enter. Now I already had some shared photos on that server that came by default and also shared out my printers by default. But the shared folder is the one that we just created. Lets double click on that. And here are those texts documents that I created. I'm going to open one up and type in some test text. This is some test text. I'm going to save that change. And close this window. Lets go back over to our server PC and I'm going to show you that those changes have been reflected. Lets reopen the shared documents. New text document, and there's what I just typed on the other computer being shown on this computer. If I had ten computers, any changes that were on these files would be shown. It 's very easy to set up your own home network and I hope I've shown you some good tips as to how to do that.