Video transcription

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews, today I'm going to show you how to run a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show. PowerPoint is a very effective tool for creating slide shows for presentations, sales documents, anything where you would have to have a series of slides that you want to show people information with. Let's go to the computer and I'll show you how to run one. To start, let's click on Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003. This opens up a default PowerPoint slide show and on the left side here, you can see, it only has that one slot. Let's open up the slide show that we want to present by going to file and saying open. Now I have one on my desktop, it's called this is my slide show and we'll select it and we'll open it. Let's open up, this is my slide show in PowerPoint and as you can see it has three slots. Now showing people on the presentation, just this window right here is not very impressive. We want it to fill the entire screen. You need to go to slide show and say, view show or you could just press F5 on your keyboard. Let's press that now. This starts up the PowerPoint slide show of covering the entire screen. To advance your PowerPoint slide show, just press the right arrow key. That takes you to the next slide. To go back to the previous slide, press the left arrow key. That took you to the first slot. Let's go again and let's go again. And as you can see, I have the instructions for advancing the slide show. You can use either the right or the left arrow key. To exit your slide show, just go to the very last slide and then click your mouse to close. This is a very effective tool for creating presentations for a sales documents and colleagues. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to run a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show.