Video transcription

Hi, my name's Dave Andrews. Today, I'm going to show you how to set up shortcut keys in Microsoft Word. To begin, let's go to the computer and we're going to launch Microsoft Word. To create your shortcut key, up at the very top select Tools; come down to Customize. That opens the customization window for Microsoft Word. We want to select Keyboard, and let's set a shortcut key for inserting a picture. That's under the Insert menu. Let's scroll down here to where it says Insert Picture. There is a current key assigned to this that is Control P. Let's select that and select Remove. For our new key let's click inside this Press new shortcut key field, and we're going to hold down the control and we're going to say K, so Control plus K is going to be our shortcut key. Let's then select the Assign button. Let's close the Customize window, close the customization for Word, and let's say Control K. That immediately pulled up our Insert Picture window. Let's select a picture and there it is. It's very easy to assign shortcut keys. My name is Dave Andrews, and I just showed you how to assign shortcut keys in Microsoft Word.