Video transcription

Hi, this is Tom Kenaston. I'm a pianist and singer, songwriter, living in West Palm Beach, Florida and New York City. This clip is going to be how to learn to play Chopsticks. Very easy. Many of you probably already know how, but let's review. Most people play with two first fingers, so we'll go with that. If you look at the piano, you want to look for the groups of the black keys first. There are groups of twos and groups of threes and that's it. So it goes twos and threes and twos and threes and twos and threes and twos. Most people play Chopsticks in the key of C. Which starts here. And by here I mean look for the group of three black keys take the first two and slide your fingers down and off to the left. And there are your first two keys for Chopsticks. We start here and you play one, two, three, four, five, six. Chopsticks is in three quarter time which means three beats. One, two, three, one, two, three. Then you move the left finger down here and you'd go on with one, two, three, one, two, three. Left finger moves down again one. This time the right finger skips a note and goes up to the B. Now think of the two fingers as going in a mirror image of each other. So once you've done this skip you just keep going. They mirror each other, that's a fun way, thing to remember. And then it repeats. Left finger goes down one, right finger goes up two. Jump to the center and back out. And that's how you play Chopsticks. This is Tom Kenaston.