Video transcription

Hi, this is Tom Kenaston. I'm a singer, pianist, actor, musician, composer, etcetera, living in West Palm Beach, Florida and also New York City. This clip is going to be about how to overcome stage fright. Chances are if you've ever had to get up at a party, go to a karaoke bar, sing in front of friends, loved ones, you get a little nervous. We all do. First, that's the first thing you need to realize is that everyone gets nervous. And one of the tricks that I like to play is to go through the possibilities of what's the worst thing that could happen and what's the best thing that could happen. I think ahead. If I'm going to an audition, I'm going to play for people, I run through my head a whole scenario. I might mess up, they might think I am not good and they might tell me to get out of the room. That's the worst thing that could happen. The best thing that could happen is, I do a great job. They think I'm terrific, they hire me. As long as you understand the whole, the full spectrum and give yourself the opportunity to play out all the scenarios in your head. The worst case scenario isn't going to plague you. Also sometimes it helps if you act as if you're fabulous. Just tell yourself before you go in "I'm great and I'm going to pretend I'm great and I'm going to wow with how great I am". That also sometimes helps. I remember years and years ago seeing an episode of the Brady Bunch and I believe Peter was going to be singing in front his classmates and someone told him to pretend everyone in the audience was watching him in their underwear. You might try that. Write out the scenario, visualize before you go in. Visualize, breathe deeply, get calm and see yourself doing a great job. Often you will. Sports, sports players use that trick as well. This is Tom Kenaston. This has been how to overcome stage fright.