Video transcription

So, you want to make paper flowers. Weddings, parties, whatever. My name is Robert Segundo, and I'm going to give you some tips on how to do that. The best thing you want to do is you want to start with first, like I what I have here. I have a nice collection of colored tissue paper, and it comes in all, all kinds of different colors that you can play with and make flowers with. And basically, when you want to make flowers, you can just take and do what I've done here, and just emulate the size of a chrysanthemum or a hibiscus, and just, you know, use your pipe cleaners for your stems. And what I did here is basically I just folded this up into a one-inch square all the way down, I kind of accordion-folded it, and then wrapped this around it and then opened it up and kind of rounded the leaves, and as you're doing this you just want to kind of pull up and just kind of think of a flower you're emulating. You can use this design for many, many flowers, because this kind of looks like certain types of roses as well as the hibiscus as well as many other types of flowers. If you want to do like the true rose, you can do what I did here, which is basically just roll twisted this. Just take a piece of paper and roll it up, twist it and then twist the stem and twist this up here and leave a little part off for the leaf, and you know I used two colors pieces of paper here to make this look like this. There's also origami ways you can make flowers, tons of different flower designs for origami out of paper. And you know, just mix and match, especially if you're doing like a whole bouquet or something, you can have different types of flowers like your, these are called crepe-style flowers. You can have crepe-style flowers or origami flowers or you can mix them in with like real flowers if you wish, so. I don't know. There it is. Come up with some creative ideas, play around with it, have fun, and enjoy.