Video transcription

Hi, welcome, my name is Lars Erik Robinson with LarsEr Arts, and today we're going to talk about how to use oil pastels, and those different pastels out there that you can use. They are awesome for being able to create a texture, be able to get your canvas out. If you don't want to have that texture in something and you just want to use as a lay down medium, you could also use that and mix it with - 'cause it is oil you need to use your mineral spirits, your paint thinner, and you can apply that right on top of what you just drew, and it'll blend it in, and still leave a little bit of a texture if that's the effect that you want, just by smudging it in here. And if this was a canvas you'll want to be careful not to press too hard if it was a canvas that was stretched on here. But this is a board, this is a board canvas that I have. My easel is fine, don't worry, things fall apart all the time, and you just keep working. So if I already have that liquid on there, I could take my pastels again, take a different color for example, take a darker blue, now it's really soft 'cause it has a lot of medium on there, as you can tell it's applying on there a lot better than it did the first time 'cause it didn't have anything on the surface. You can even take and smudge that right in with the brush. Look at that. That's great. A little bit of purple up here. So that explains to you guys how to use oil pastels, it's a great drawing medium, if you really enjoy to draw, and not painting that much, and using this is a great medium for people that really enjoy to draw. Thank you guys so much for joining me, I'm Lars Erik Robinson, keep on drawing!