Video transcription

Welcome everybody, my name is Lars Erik Robinson. I'm an illustrator LarsEr Arts. All Around Art-tainment is my slogan for my company. Today we're going to talk about how to start in oil painting. Here I did my under painting is what I call it, in more of a sepia tones and it's all done with acrylics. Usually that's a good way to start oil paintings. In the old days actually the traditional artist did similar stuff like that. They used a water color kind of acrylic. They don't have the polymer like they have nowadays. But it was like a powder that they fixed up with mediums to make it tighter. And I used this under painting because this is not going to move. It's going to be able to stay there when I apply my oils. Oils are more considered to be a glazing medium. You obviously can go really opaque with it. But if you have a drawing that you really enjoy and you want to have something drawn on there, you would do this like fifty percent on the bottom. The reason I did the black on this already is because I was using this for other demonstration purposes for work. But this actually is great for a under painting for oil paintings because like I said, it doesn't move. It will stay there once you apply your glazes with your acrylics. So I hope that gives you a little bit more understanding of an artist's point of view when they, when they go to do a final piece such as the one I have over here. Thank you so much. My name is Lars Erik Robinson. I hope you have a wonderful day and keep on painting.