Video transcription

How are you all doing today? My name is Lars Erik Robinson with LarsEr Arts. I'm a freelance illustrator and today I thought I'd talk about how you clean a final oil painting when you're done with it. This is more of in an end stage, but we could imagine the piece being the piece that we have in the back here, and wanted to clean it off. If the acrylics are already dry you could basically just take a sponge, you could take a sponge, dip it in with some detergent and water, and let it dry off moist, you want a moist towel. Take it over the whole piece and just wipe it off. Go from one corner, try in the corner first and see how it works. Always test it first in the corner where you can imagine it being a frame. And if it - if you wait a while and see if didn't effect it then you can go lighting. Don't push too hard, go lightly over the whole piece. You could also take a dry brush, if you just want - if you think it looks dirty and you want a dry brush, you can take a vacuum cleaner, you take a dry brush, and you just basically you dust it off like this and hold this over about two inches right over your painting so it picks up all the dirt. So that gives you a little bit more explanation. You don't have to be too careful with acrylics, but you have make sure it's dry first before you can go in and clean it. But always test it an area that you know it might not be able to be shown. Enjoy, thank you for joining me, my name is Lars Robinson.