Video transcription

Hey, welcome to my studio, my name is Lars Erik Robinson. I'm with Lars Arts All Around Art-tainment. I'm a freelance illustrator. Today we're going to talk about something that I would greatly recommendation. If you have a piece, a painting for example, and you want to restore it, and you had a lot of sentimental value for it, if I was going to go ahead and try to clean this, there is different products out there by Gainsborough, they have emulsion cleaner. Like if you have old smoke or all the things that you - you apply it with a Q-tip from one corner, try one corner first, and you remove your emulsion cleaner, you take a varnish remover, which is this Demar varnish that they use nowadays, but sometimes in the - after a long time they used to have that varnishes that weren't the greatest, that really darkened it, really yellowed it. You have a neutralizer that the company also makes. And then they also have a glass varnish that you can actually apply on it afterwards. The different mediums that you need to have, you need cotton swabs, you need cotton balls, surgical gloves so you can protect your paintings and protect your hands, and small plastic container to be able to apply your different mediums too. So once again can you imagine the Sistine Chapel? How long that took them to restore that with a one little Q-tip going from one corner to the next. So, after a long time with smoke and different wear and tear and dirt, things happen, so, just keep protecting your art. Thank you so much.