Video transcription

Hi my name is Michael Burton with, we're located at Salt Lake City Utah and I'm here talking to you about using Microsoft Windows. Now what I want to show you is how to change a screen saver. Let me start up by saying that Windows XP is a registered trademark of Microsoft and I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft. The two easiest, most basic ways to change a screen saver are first, you can come up here to your start menu and then over here on your right is your control panel, you're going to want to go into your control panel by clicking on the mouse, that will bring you to this menu, it's your control panel. The, obviously, the screen saver is considered part of your appearance and themes, so if you scroll up here to your appearance and themes link, so this changes the appearance of the desktop items, apply a theme or a screen saver to your computer, it customize the start menu and task bar. You're going to left click on this, open this up, now this gives you a few options. You can choose a task, you can change a computer's theme, that means not screen saver, but the theme in general. That means background, that means the shape of your mouse, that means the way your recycle bin looks. I mean there's themes, there's like, there's like a pirate theme and there's like a fish, underwater aquatic theme and all these different themes. Here you can change the desktop background. Here's where you can choose a screen saver, you can change the screen resolution and many, many other options. The first thing, what we're going to talk about is how to choose a screen saver or change your screen saver. This would be your screen saver menu. This automatically brings us to the display properties and automatically opens up the screen saver buttons and sets us what we choose from the control panel menu as choose a screen saver. As you can see, clearly like I said, it's screen saver, none, I don't have one chosen because I don't tend to use them. But let me just show you. This is where you click on the drop down list, and you'll see a lot of different options for different screen savers. I think if I had to choose a screen saver, I think my favorite one would be the aquarium. See right here, it shows your little image of, kind of a preview, of what it will look like and believe on an LCD, it looks really cool. Right down here you've got few more options. This has wait ten minutes, okay, so, it will wait ten minutes before the screen saver actually turns on. So, if it doesn't have any type of work going on the screen, it doesn't have any type of movement on the mouse or keyboard or anything, then it will, after ten minutes, it will automatically kick in. Up here, some more settings, if you click on settings, it brings up different settings for this specific screen saver. This specific what happens to do with the fish so you can choose different types of plants, different types of fish, the size. Right here, how often that you want the tank to change because they have different backgrounds, different types of tanks. I think they have a coral tank and they have a, you know, fresh water, they've got different types of fresh water. You can also play sound, you can play bubble sounds, you could play aquatic sounds, things like that. You got the lighting. You can, you know, brighten and darken the foreground of the background lights which is very, believe me, you can make some really cool effects with this aquarium screen saver. I do love this screen saver, I just, like I said, I never use it because I'm always using my computer. So, those are your, the settings. If you want to preview, you, right here, you would click preview under the display properties menu, and as you could see, this actually bring up a preview of the fish aquarium and how cool it looks. This is probably how I actually, how I would have it set up if I was using it because the setting is really pretty. Now it tends, it does change backgrounds, the color's change, the rocks will change, I mean you can set it, pretty much anyway that you wish. All you got to do is wiggle the mouse to get you out of it. You want to click apply before you finish, just so that it saves your settings, it just takes a sec there to apply it and then you click okay and you're out of the menu. Now that was one way that I showed you on how to go to the start menu then go to the control panel then bring up the choose a screen saver, and it automatically brings up the screen saver page. Let me close down my appearance, my control panel page. The other way to do this is by simply right clicking on your desktop, scrolling down to the properties button which brings up your display properties. Now notice that it does not automatically bring up the screen saver tab this time. So you actually have to go up there manually, click on the screen saver tab and you see it brings you right back to this exact same menu that we run before. So that's how you change your, your computer screen saver.