Video transcription

If you've ever wondered what the term petrissage means, I can tell you. I'm Sundae, with Natural Sundae. Now, the term petrissage, is actually a term of a technique used in massage school, and it's actually one of the very basic techniques, and it means in French, to knead, so what you're going to do, is you're just going, you see me gliding my hands over the client. You're going to start kneading, just like a ball of dough. It's really going to loosen and soften that tissue. It's a lifting and a kneading of the tissue. Just lifting the tissue up, so you can knead it, and really get in there, and increase the room in the muscle, for the blood to flow right through it, and to keep it really healthy and nourished, so you're just, as you see, I'm kneading the skin, between my hands right here. I'm lifting and kneading, and it's a really great way to soften up any area of tissue in your body. Just lifting and kneading, increasing blood flow, and increasing relaxation. You see it's easy to do, once you get up at the top of the back. You're really able to lift up that skin, and knead it, and you see the back is getting red. That means I'm increasing blood flow to the service area. All that red here, is blood, and that's good. That's really, really good ,so as you see, petrissage is a really good tool for increasing blood circulation, and increasing elasticity in the tissue in your back. I'm Sundae, with Natural Sundae.