Video transcription

Hello. My name's Rebeca Herrick. I'm a licensed massage therapist in Wilmington, North Carolina, here to tell you about who invented hot stone massage. Hot stone massage dates back to hundreds of years ago, different cultures. But for our purposes, it was trademarked by a woman named Mary Hannigan in 1993. She is from Tucson, Arizona. And she created a treatment called LaStone therapy. Basically this therapy incorporates stones of various sizes and shapes and make-ups. To be incorporated during a Swedish massage. You warm these stones up to varying temperatures. Anywhere from a hundred and twenty to a hundred and fifty degrees. And you use them to help increase the circulation and the benefits of a Swedish massage. So Mary Hannigan in 1993 in her practice in Tucson, Arizona, invented her type of variation on the ancient hot stone therapies of Hawaii and different cultures to create LaStone therapy. Which is, which has spread across the country today. To all the different spas and treatment facilities nationwide and worldwide. And that is who invented hot stone massage.