Video transcription

Hello, my name's Rebecca Herrick, I'm at everything peaceful in Wilmington, North Carolina to discuss what Effleurage is. Effelurage is a French word used in Swedish Massage. It's basically a gentle gliding stroke used to warm up muscle tissue, start to bring blood flow and circulation, lymphatic drainage, things like that to the different tissues of the muscle. You can do it anywhere on the body. When you're working on the limbs, you usually always want to go towards the heart and you want to do that because you want to go with blood flow in the veins and return the deoxygenated blood to the heart and this also helps to work with detoxing the lymphatic system and all the while creating a relaxation effect in the muscle tissue, and in the client. Helps to restore joint mobility, it's great to use on people who are really sensitive to pressure, you can adjust the Effleurage pressure to be very superficial or also to go a little bit deeper, but it always wants to be smooth and flowing. And, that's what Effleurage is.