Video transcription

Hello, my names Rebecca Herrick, I'm a licensed massage therapist in Wilmington, North Carolina and I'm here to give my review on Massage Parlors. First of all Massage Parlor is a very dated term and often has some negative connotations that are associated with it and as a massage therapist we worked hard to kind of steer away from that and, you know, work, hard to get the respect that the therapeutic aspect of massage therapy deserves. So, having said that, when you're looking for a place to have a massage you can call it a massage therapy center, or a wellness center, something of that nature, and when you're doing so you want to always make sure that you check the background of the location and also of the therapist practicing there. You always want to make sure that you get the highest quality care by receiving massage from the most educated and absolutely licensed therapist. You can check with local networks, newspapers, other massage therapists in the area, for reviews on massage therapy centers in your area and that would be my take on massage parlor reviews.